Riske' Run

RIske Run Cover

Riske' Run 

Heiress Jaelie Jaeger’s brother was kidnapped and killed when she was 2. Her parents kept her a prisoner in a gilded cage to keep her safe. Pregnant and afraid, Jae ran away for her daughter. Now she lives a double life, a made up marriage to an overseas soldier as a public face, and secretly a topless dancer to make ends meet. Then she met her “husband” and things began to fall apart.

Bodyguard Cliff McKay trusts no one.  After years as an antiterrorist operative, he can smell lies a mile away, and that woman wears it like a perfume. Why does his boss insist that  she be protected? Why does everyone in Jamesville think Cliff McKay has a wife and daughter? 

Forced together, Cliff and Jae have to protect Jae’s daughter from an unknown killer who seems to be everywhere.

She hid for years to protect her daughter, but her past finally caught up with her.  Can her make believe husband  save her?

And now a preview of "Riske' Run"

As the music flowed, Jay Holiday lost herself to the beat.  Her hips swayed and her hands seemed to move on their own as she let herself go to the seduction of the rhythm.

In her mind’s eye she danced for him.  He was the tall dark stranger of her dreams.  She had seen his picture, and his face was indelibly printed in her fantasies ever since.  She flowed out of her clothing, imaging that he was watching her with rapt attention.  

As her eyes opened to see the brass poles and gaudy walls, her fantasy vanished.  This was her reality now.  Dancing in a G-string in front of strangers for money.  Her body still moved on autopilot as her eyes shifted to the seats near her.  She spotted the dollar in the man’s hand and slowly danced over to him.  

Once she was near the customer, her rhythm disappeared.  She wiggled her rear for him and gave him a good look at her bare chest as she looked for her next tip.  On a good shift she could bring in over $300.00.  The café kept the first $75 plus half of each private dance.  That left her with about $100.00 cash plus her stage tips.  There was no other way that she could make that much money legally without anyone finding out who she really was.  

That was the most important thing.  No one could know who she was.  If anyone ever found out her secret, her life would be over.  She was Jay Holiday now, named from a version of her previous first name and the Holiday Inn hotel she stayed at the first night of her new life.  No background, no history, just Jay.  

As she danced from customer to customer, she looked around the room.  It was fairly busy for a morning crowd.  The hours at the Café Riske were one of the main reasons she worked here.  It was the only club like it that is open 24 hours.  Jay had to work the early shift.  She had to be home in time to pick up Emily.  

Emily was the reason for everything she was doing.  Jay was determined to give Emily a chance for a normal life.  There was no way her daughter would live in fear like she had.  Emily would be a normal healthy child raised by a loving mother.  

Movement by the entrance caught her attention.  Two men walked in.  The first was about 5’10”, portly to plump with long straight hair.  The second man was tall dark and muscular.  As she swayed with the music he turned to face her.  A chill ran down her spine as she stopped dead on stage.  It was him!  Her fantasy had come to life and walked into the café.  She just stood there, suddenly realizing how naked she was.  

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