Rise Of Dawn

Rise of Dawn Cover

"Rise of Dawn"

Owl Night was tired of her cursed unending life. She just wanted to rest. Trying to outsmart the curse with magic of her own just made things worse. Centuries of horror and torment ended when she met Jason Wilder. He changed her life, she started out as a dark creature of the night, but soon became the beauty of Dawn. 

Detective Jason Wilder protects the world. He spends most of his life fighting criminals and monsters that most people can't even imagine. From terrorists to serial killers, he has hunted them all. He is good at his job. Jason never once failed to stop his enemy. Then he met Dawn. She was a creature of the night that he never expected to meet. She was a vampire; yet even though she was a monster, he could never destroy her.

“The Queen of the Damned falls in love with Van Helsing.” - Birgit Davis-Todd 7/29/2006

Vampire society no longer has free reign to terrorize mankind when the most powerful vampire in history escapes her hibernation and falls in love with a human police detective.

The ancient vampire rises into a world with technologies and lifestyles centuries beyond her knowledge. She and stumbles into political intrigue, nightmare creatures, and a hidden reality behind the scenes in our own existence.

Detective Jason WIlder is a deep cover agent for a ‘monster hunting’ agency. In the past 10 years, he has eliminated dozens of creatures of all description. The newest monster he encounters is nothing like he expected. 

Between crazed vampires, shadow government agencies, and a rip in reality creates monsters, Jason & Dawn’s meeting is an action packed, edge of the seat, blood & sex filled adventure.

And now a preview of "Rise of Dawn"

Jason Wilder twitched in his bed as his dream changed to something different. He saw the face of the sun change as it rose. It became the face of Dawn. As her face and body cleared the horizon, he saw the flames of the sun burning her. She burned silently, writhing in the sky as her eyes screamed in torment at him. Jason reached his hands out to snuff the flames and screamed from the pain of his own flesh afire. He sat up in his bed screaming. His hands were blistered.

His bedroom window exploded inward as his curtains wrapped around whatever flew through it.

The snarling mass rolled on the floor within the curtain. It suddenly seemed to separate into two beings. Actually, one of the two beings that were wrestling in the tangled mass of curtains tossed the other across the room. 

The figure across the room stood up and unfolded its seven-foot tall broad body. Jason recognized it from a book on magickal creatures. It was a Mora: a nightmare beast, a vampire that feeds of people’s life force by stealing it in their dreams. It had a head basically the shape of a horse with a piggish nose on the end of it. There was no fur covering the head. The skin was a pale, sickly, off-white with several oozing red cuts where it had come through the glass. Unlike a horse, this face also had jagged pointy teeth the length of its long mouth. There was a large sharp hoof and an opposable thumb hoof at the end of each arm. They looked like cloven-hooved mittens. Its eyes had a blackness of pure hopelessness. A glance into its icy stare made Jason feel a cold chill of despair.

The second figure stood its five feet two inches and flung the curtain off it. It was Dawn. She stood there with eyes glowing bright red. At the outer corners of each of her eyes a narrow upturned triangular flames of burgundy energy stood out like a surrealistic horned mask. Her face was pure silver, not white, and not pale, but glowing moonlight silver. Her hair danced around on a breeze of wind that was not there. Tendrils of darkness flexed and flowed behind and around her. Her hands had changed from regular human hands to long fingered talons. The jet black nails were each at least three inches long and sharply curved. Her mouth was closed.

Jason was stunned. He just sat there on the bed, unsure of what to do.

The Nightmare threw razors of despair at both of them. Dawn moved so fast that Jason only saw her disappear. He also felt himself lifted and thrown behind the bed. He saw her moccasins right beside him. The moccasins vanished and something on the other side of the room exploded. He heard glass and wood shatter. He sat up and saw Dawn. She was straddling the beast. The mora was lying on top of the shattered pieces of his dresser. It struck up with its sharp cloven hands while she was alternating blows ripping at its chest. One of its blows must have hit her wrong. She was lifted off it and hurled out the door.

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