Magick's Bounty

Magick's Bounty Cover

Terra Summers has spent her life living from day to day. As a bounty hunter, Terra faces death on a daily basis, and really doesn't care. Since growing up on the streets, she considers herself damaged goods.

Lon Donaldson is the son of the most powerful witch in the world. He's spent his life dodging status seeking and power hungry women that don't even care who he really is. When he sees Terra, is it love at first sight? Can he care for a human? Could she survive in his world? 

The World of The Moonlight Coven is a world of adventure and power different from the world we all know. The Moonlight Coven is the most powerful non-human witch covens in the world. After centuries of hiding, the coven reveals itself to save thousands of people from certain death. Revealing their existence causes fear and panic among the human populations of the world. Politics aside, everyday life will never be the same in a world where magick is a part of everyday life.

But human fear still remains. Magick's Bounty begins when Terra is discovered to be the first human totally immune to the magicks of witches. Can this unconventional and ill-mannered young woman become the leader in law enforcement for non-humans? And why is Eris, the Greek Goddess of Discord and Chaos suddenly creating problems between humans and witches?

This book is a mature action adventure romance novel. The story is told in present tense from the point of view of the main character, whose dry sarcastic wit and tongue in cheek approach to life gives everything a unique perspective.

"Magick's Bounty," is the story of tough and independent bounty hunter Terra Summers, and her unique immunity to magick.  Terra deals with a real life that is suddenly changed when the only magick she is not immune to is her new lifemate, the prince of the witches..  Adventure and sarcasm in a world of magick.

And now a preview of "Magick's Bounty"

I limp towards the alley, my worn back stooped, and my hands throbbing from the weight of the grocery bags. I have to keep going, he’s behind me, and he’s going to kill me...

Right. Good melodrama, but he doesn't have a chance. You see, I'm not the stooped little old lady he thinks he sees; I'm a bounty hunter. My name is Terra, and I'm here to catch him and kick his ass. Actually, I’m only officially here to catch him. The ass kicking part is just something I really want to do. You see this guy beats up old ladies and robs them. He jumped bail, left town and started doing the same thing here. It took me a month to track him down to this hellhole of a city. Now, here I am, disguised as an old lady, trying to be a target. I've been walking around this area every night for a week, just asking for it. So far I've been assaulted seventeen times. This place really is disgusting. I can’t wait to get home to New York City, where I feel safe again.

I feel a hand on my shoulder, and I act surprised. 

"Hey granny," his harsh voice growls, "Where ya’ goin’?"

I make my voice a little higher and waver it just a bit. "I ain't your granny, sonny."

"Hey, don' be like that," he says as he turns me roughly. "I'm bein' nice here. I coulda' just hit ya’ and been done with it."

"So you're goin’ to rob an old woman of her groceries and twenny seben dollars?"

"Yeah," he says, as his face shows the sick thoughts in his head. "But first we party."

"Nah," I say. "I don't think so." I straighten up and drop the bags. I let my voice return to normal. "I think I'll just take you in for the bounty." 

I twist around and grab his thumb off my shoulder. A twist of my wrist and a second hand on his fingers and he goes down to his knees. He's in pain, but its not enough. I let him go and step back. I need to hurt him, and hurt him bad.

I stand in an offensive kata and wait for him to get up. He curses at me and pulls his switchblade. I smile and shift to my back foot. Now on the defensive, I wait for him to get closer. He lunges for me. My first kick hits his knife hand, and the blade flies away, clattering against the concrete. My second kick hits the side of his head, knocking him to the alley wall. My third kick hits him in the nuts. Okay, he was already going down, but I really wanted to do that. I mean really, beating up old ladies for fun?

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