(Earth) Rock Collecting, Rock Shaping and Gardening


Steve creates jewelry and designs from ordinary rocks found on or in the ground.  A rock's value is only the value you give it, so a rock from a special place is as valuable  as a rock of a special chemistry.  Modern science can create virtually any type of rock found in nature, making precious and semiprecious stones no longer 'rare.’  

Steve custom cuts and shapes rocks , gems, and stones brought to him for others as well.  If you have a small rock from the place you met your spouse, or  from where your first child was born, Steve can usually make that into a piece that can be fit into a ring, a pendant, or other jewelry.  A piece made like this has true meaning, and though it cost nothing, it means more than a diamond from some unknown location.

Steve believes that there is energy on stones from the places they are found.  Rocks in general are at least thousands  of years old.  Exposure to a specific location for that long must put some of the energy from that location into the stone.  That is why Steve feels that ‘a piece of home’ and ‘spirit stones’ are of value.    “A piece of home’ are , as described above,  rocks and stones from a location meaningful in your life.  They give you a connection to your past and help you remain yourself and relate to your dreams, desires, and hopes for your future.  “Spirit Stones” are stones that have been found at historical and spiritual locations.  A rock collected from Stonehenge , or a stone from the site of Lakota Sundance, or a rock from Leonardo Davinci’s castle all have a spirit of history within them.   Wearing a pendant from Stonehenge is one sure way to connect with the energy and spirit of the druidic culture.

Steve also cuts gems people find in sluice mines and tourist mines.  If you have gone to one of the public mines and come home with a bag full of semiprecious stones, you can get them made into jewelry with Steve’s help.  It usually costs just $10 per stone top get a basic cabochon cut.  Steve will give you realistic information about the gems you bring him, and he will help you figure out what to do with the stone after it is shaped and polished.

Whether it is jewelry from simple found stones, shaping and polishing of semiprecious stones, or just information on the geological or spiritual properties of rocks mineral and gems, Steve is glad to help by either teaching you what to do with what you have, or by making you what you are looking for.  Steve can be contacted by phone for by email 

Stone Shaping and Jewelry Making - Steve cuts shapes and polishes rocks gems and minerals to create jewelry and personal items. Steve’s work is good enough that he was welcomed into “the Village Of Yesteryear,”  A statewide  heritage crafts organization that only accepts 1-3 artists a year after reviewing all applicants and judging their quality of work.

Education Shows - Steve does geology talks where small groups of kids see and touch  rocks or all types and see what makes a rock beautiful  from the inside when outside it is often only a rock.  Kids will leave with a small stone for their collection.


A rock cutting presentation  starts with showing the different types of rocks to the children, and showing the difference in what you find on the ground versus what you see in the jewelry store.   Some 'before and after' stones and some unique stones are shown.  Each child will receive a bag and some small rocks to add to their collections.   After the basic lessons, there are various activities available (see below).

 * Pieces of home -  We will cut one side of a few plain old rocks and look at the hidden beauty in the rock .  (15 or less in group, each child can bring in a rock from home for this)

 *Sluice mining - We will put up a small water run and the children will get to scoop out rocks and dirt from a mine bag  and let the water separate the rocks  and gems from the  sand.  The children will be able to keep the rocks and gems they find. (Note- there is a cost for the mine bags provided  for this activity)

*Geode Busting - small geodes will be provided and children can break them open with a hammer and find the beauty inside.  (Note, there is a cost for the geodes provided for this activity)

*Rock hunting - We will look around the area and see what kind of rocks we find, and cut some to see what beauty is hidden right where we are.  (note:  Outdoor shows only.)

*Polishing demo - Steve will take a rock  from raw stone to a polished jewel  with step by step demonstrations of what is done.  (Note, this is demonstration only, not a participation activity)