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S.A. Stone and Anitra Morgan are the pen names for Steven Stone writing with story editing and changes by his wife Anitra Morgan Stone. Contemporary romances are written under the S. A. Stone  name, while darker urban fantasy romances are written under the Anitra Morgan name.  Being a male romance writer is one of the unique parts of his personality. Steve started writing romances after seeing too many sad endings in wildlife rescue. The need for happy endings made him shift his focus from nonfiction to gritty fiction with an ultimate good at the end. Steve has been writing since the 1970's. He's had several articles, poems, and stories published in magazines, newspapers and local publications. He has also written nonfiction and text books. Now Steve has concentrated his writing on romance and paranormal romance.

Steve is a wildlife caretaker and educator, and the pastor of an alternative religion church. He is often in the news for either animal rescues, educational programs, or some sort of charity works. Steve has written articles on vampires  for national magazines and gaming companies supplements.  As a certified prisons volunteer, he has also written prison guides to Paganism, helping prison officials learn how to deal with  prisoners of Wiccan and several Celtic Pagan faiths.  He also ran 2 different  paranormal investigation groups, and was a professional member of the Rhine center for several years.

Anitra Morgan Stone is a tatter and perfectionist.  She can take thread and create intricate designs to be anything from linen edgings to jewelry.  The craft, called "tatting" makes incredibly delicate looking, and yet  sturdy lace style designs.  With the same patience and perfectionism that she uses to make her crafts, Anitra goes through Steve's novels and makes hundreds of corrections and finds all those little flaws writers  miss when they read their own works. She has also written and read about vampires since the 1970s.

Steve and his wife Anitra live in a small home in Raleigh, North Carolina were they care for an eagle named Beanca and nearly thirty other animals including owls, hawks, falcons, two turtles, a vulture named Snoopy and dog.

Published Works:

  • 2011- e-published  Rise of Dawn on Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • 2011- e-published  RIske' Run on Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • 2011- paperback published  Magick's Bounty on Amazon
  • 2011- e-published  Magick's Bounty on Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • 2011- paperback published  Cabin in the Woods on Amazon
  • 2011- e-published  Cabin in the Woods on Amazon & Barnes & Noble
  • 2009-2010 - Articles in The Rolesville Buzz (Local Newspaper)
  • 2006- Articles in The News and Observer (Local Newspaper) 
  • 2004- Raptor Rehab Handbook - A guide to caretaking for injured raptors made for local wildlife centers. 
  • 2003- "Plain Talk about West Nile Virus" - A series of articles posted for several weeks on the Internet by wildlife care organizations. 
  • 2000- Pagan Primer- A book written for NC Prison system chaplains as a guide to religious needs for non-Christian prisoners.
  • 1996-2005- Religious articles - Various religious articles published in the following regional magazines: "Lightfinders'," "Innerchange," "Paganet News," and "The Church Of The Earth of NC Newsletter."
  • 1997- The Vampire Hunter's Guide - A guide to vampire legends from around the world. Self-published, Internet sales. (limited distribution) 
  • 1996- "Cites on Religion" - An article written for the attorneys in a local court case that was excerpted on local news media. 
  • 1996- A Consumer's Guide To Auctions in North Carolina - An educational text written for a Wake Technical Community college course and used for two years. 
  • 1995- Article on vampires in fiction, history, and culture in "Impaler" magazine. (national distribution) 
  • 1991-1993- "Auction Monthly Magazine" - Self-published magazine, local distribution to approx. 100 paid subscribers, monthly issues. 
  • 1989- Captain's Wheel - "The Workbasket Magazine" - A tatting pattern inspired by Steve's father's love of sailing. 
  • 1984- A Fragile Peace - fanzine novel - Internet publication only, "Star Trek" based fiction novel. (Internet distribution, possibly national) 
  • 1981-1988 - Several articles in "Eroica" magazine - a role playing game source magazine. (national distribution) 
  • 1981- One poem in "Grains Of Sand" - A high school creative writing awards magazine. (local distribution) 
  • 1978- Two poems in "Ligon Logs" - A junior high school creative writing magazine. (local distribution)