Future Midnight Coven Books

"Magick's Price"  is the story of Selene.  For over 2000 years Selene led the Moonlight Coven.  Now, after being viciously beaten by a mad goddess, Selene has retired from leadership.  What do you do with lonely eternity ahead of you after being the leader of thousands for most of your life?  And why is that annoying human melting what is left of her broken heart?

"Magick's Queen" is the story of Maya.  For hundreds of years Maya lived in the shadow of Selene's power and the controversy of her own birth.  Suddenly thrust into power by her mother's defeat and her own power, Maya has to be the leader of an entire race when she isn't even sure how to be herself.   Aside from everything else, she has to deal with the hateful human government liaison, and ignore the way he makes her feel.

"Magick's Victim" is the story of Eris.  After breaking Zeus's commandments once to often, Eris is stripped of her power and position and cast out of Olympus to Earth.  How can she survive Earth  powerless, when the powerful Moonlight Coven wants revenge for all the things she did to them? Who is the mysterious woman who keeps rescuing her, and why is her body and mind reacting to the woman like a lover?