Coming Home

"Coming Home"

Daniella Proctor has seen too much of life. After High School she went into the army, and spent the next four years in field hospitals. Now she is a trauma nurse, still spending her days seeing man's cruelty to man.

Chris Foster was kidnapped. After a life of abuse and misuse, he found out his entire past was a lie. Now he wants to find his past and learn who he really is.

When Chris finally finds his home, it has already been sold to a young Nurse. Dani and Chris fight the chemistry, but reality crashes down on them when Chris kidnappers accuse him of murder.

And now a preview of "Coming Home"

Dani rushed around the aisle of the little grocery store, searching for that elusive pack of feminine products. Spotting her objective, she reached for it just as her foot hit a slick spot on the freshly waxed floor.

Pack in hand, she started the head first tumble towards the floor. The floor rushed up to meet her, but it never quite reached her. Instead she found herself locked into a pair of solid arms, held tightly against a broad firm chest.

The strong arms effortlessly lifted her up and tilted her back into a standing position. She looked up into a pair of the deepest brown eyes she had ever seen. The man that had just ended her face first flight towards the floor was standing over her with a concerned look.

His chocolate brown eyes and jet hair shadowed his face even in the bright lights of the small store. His squared chin was darkened with a late day shadow. His broad chest was wrapped in tight a green button down shirt. His narrow but solid hips were highlighted by tight new blue jeans.

"Are you okay?" his deep voice rumbled as he set her back on her feet and stepped back.

Dani just stood there staring at him. The deep tones of his voice went straight to her insides. She almost squirmed as her body reacted to his bedroom eyes and caressing voice. She held her body still trying to gain control of the impulse to jump back into his arms.

"Miss?" he asked again, "Are you okay?" the concern in his voice raised it an octave. The tone was no longer a caress to her insides; now it was an impassioned demand. Her body demanded that she jump him right then and there. If she could figure out how to move again, she probably would have.

She kept looking up at him, still lost in the chocolate world of his eyes. "MMhmm," she nodded, not really listening to his words, just acknowledging that he was talking.

He looked puzzled for a second, but seemed to decide that she had indeed answered him. His intense gaze swept towards the floor where she had slipped and back to her. "Be careful," he warned, "It looks like they just cleaned the floor on this side of the store. There are wet spots."

The floor wasn't the only thing with wet spots right now, she realized with a shock. Just looking into this tall, unknown man's eyes and hearing his rich deep tones voice had excited her in a way nothing in her memory ever had.

She was disappointed as she watched him turn and walk away. She stood in the middle of the aisle, clutching the blue package of feminine napkins to her chest. She looked down at the container, and realized what she looked like. Her face practically glowed with the red flush of embarrassment.

She shook herself from her reverie. She was late, and she knew it. She really needed to get back home. After getting the rest of the groceries from her small list, she rushed to the checkout counter. She dumped her armload of supplies on the counter, casually bumping into the person just finishing at the checkout.

She glanced at the figure beside her, and her face went red again. It was him. The dark man just glanced down at her and smiled. He held a single bottle of orange juice in his hand, apparently his entire purchase. His voice thrummed a goodbye to the woman behind the counter, and with another glance and smile at Dani, he stepped out the door.

She watched him walk away, admiring the fit of those new blue jeans on his muscular frame. She stared after the door closed, lost in thoughts that she usually didn't have. Making a conscious effort, she turned back to the grocery counter.

She was amused by the fact that the lady behind the counter was staring out the door as well. She stood there with a grin on her face and waited for the woman.