Reflections of Dawn

Reflections Of Dawn

With Dee,  the human who helps stabilize Dawn's emotions missing, Dawn has nearly lost control of herself.  What will she do when she confronts a rogue vampire, and that wild beast seems to be Dee, making her emotions not human and stable, but  those of a crass young vampire? 

Michael Young spent the past four hundred years hunting rogue vampires. As the hunter and executioner for the vampire council he had destroyed hundreds of uncontrollable beasts. Now he is second in command and primary enforcer to an entire hemisphere. His skills are unmatched by any save for Dawn herself. When a violent rogue injures his queen, Michael is called to duty. So why is this one young rebellious woman so impossible for him to control? Why does he feel the need to protect her?

Razor had no idea where she came from or who she was. She awoke nearly a year ago with fangs and an attitude. She thought she was finally making a life for herself and the child that helped wake her. When Michael Young barrelled into her life; everything changed. She suddenly finds herself part of the vampire royalty, and somehow married to Michael. 

And now a preview of "Reflections Of Dawn"

Michael had his own morality, and he would not allow a vampire to terrorize children.

He kept looking through the abandoned wreck of a house. He found a hole under the sink that smelled of the child. It also smelled of rubbing alcohol and peroxide. There had been blood here too; he could smell it. He kept looking around, becoming more and more worried. He went into the final room and smelled it immediately. In the middle of the room there was another loose board. He lifted the board and looked in, knowing what he would find. There was a small blood-soaked dress in the hole. He pulled it out and examined it. The blood was not fully dry. It had been there only a day or so. The blood soaked both arms of the dress at the wrists. There were some specks around the neck as well. He put the cloth up to his mouth and touched it with his tongue. It was human blood. Dawn would be furious. .

He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed Jason's number. Quickly telling Jason what he had found, he hid the dress back in its hole and left the house, looking for more trails. .

He found a recent trail. It led northeast, towards a more populated area. There were two people walking side by side. She had a child with her. From the length of stride, the child was about two and a half feet tall. She wore leather-soled cowboy boots. The newness of the boots still lingered in the track's scent. He trailed them to a residential area off Old Wake Forest Road. He silently flowed up a gravel driveway, following the scent to a steep wooden stairwell. The stairwell led to a door in the attic area of the house. Like so many homes these days, this one had been converted into a duplex of sorts; one tenant living upstairs, and one living downstairs. He could hear movement inside. They were there. .

He considered calling Dawn and Jason, but he worried about the child. He silently flowed up the stairs until he was directly in front of the solid door. Light showed through the edges of the door. He sniffed at the edge of the door. He could smell fresh blood. .

He burst through the door, knocking it off his hinges. He saw a dark haired female bending over a tiny girl. He dove at the woman, knocking her across the long single room attic apartment. He grabbed the girl, placing her behind him, trying to protect her. .

"No!" Razor screamed, Baring fangs and whipping out a razor blade knife. She dove for Michael's throat. He pivoted, catching her arm, and tossed her into the wall. She got up and jumped at him again, screaming and slicing at his neck. He grabbed the knife, not caring that it cut into his hand. She tried to yank it away from him, but could not. She dove at his chest, clawing with her hands and beating at him. .

"Give her back," she yelled, "She's mine you bastard!" .

He had to block several groin kicks, and a few judo moves, but he stood like a wall between the child and the enraged vampire. Then he noticed her shirt. Razor's shirt was stained with blood. The stain was growing. She was bleeding. The child saw it too. She started kicking at the back of Michael's legs and hitting his back just above his waist. Momentarily distracted, he felt his feet swept out from under him. The tiny girl ran up to Razor and she pushed the girl behind her, protectively. .

Michael was up in an instant, once again ready for Razor's attacks. The small girl ran to the side, grabbed a small fabric bag and ran back to them. She pulled at Razor, making her glance away from Michael for a second. Michael almost attacked her, but waited to see what was happening. The girl opened the bag and spilled first aid supplies on the floor. She pulled at Razor's shirt, trying to lift it up. Blood was coming out way too fast, Razor started to collapse, but held herself up, staring at Michael with death in her eyes. Michael was watching, but he backed away to give them some room. He put himself between them and the door. The small girl managed to get Razor to sit on the floor and started moving clothing aside. Michael saw the bloody bandage under Razor's shirt. He smelled the blood, and he was confused. He bent down and touched a drop of blood on the floor, and put it to his tongue. This was the blood he had tasted earlier. It was coming from Razor, and it was human. .