Magic Mirror 

RIske' Run Cover

The Magic Mirror Stories

The Magic Mirror stories are a series of novels with heroines on the run in North Carolina. At the beginning of their story, each heroine goes to the Magic Mirror Beauty Salon to change her appearance. At the Magic Mirror, they also recieve something special that ties them to a man they will meet. These stories are contemporary romances with no paranormal elements in the storyline. They all provide action, adventure, passion, and just a touch of mystery.

The Magic Mirror series has as much local color about rural and urban North Carolina as possible. All the towns and some of the locations listed do exist, but the characters and details are given wide artistic license. 

Riske' Run 

Heiress Jaelie Jaeger’s brother was kidnapped and killed when she was 2. Her parents kept her a prisoner in a gilded cage to keep her safe. Pregnant and afraid, Jae ran away for her daughter. Now she lives a double life, a made up marriage to an overseas soldier as a public face, and secretly a topless dancer to make ends meet. Then she met her “husband” and things began to fall apart.

Bodyguard Cliff McKay trusts no one.  After years as an antiterrorist operative, he can smell lies a mile away, and that woman wears it like a perfume. Why does his boss insist that  she be protected? Why does everyone in Jamesville think Cliff McKay has a wife and daughter? 

Forced together, Cliff and Jae have to protect Jae’s daughter from an unknown killer who seems to be everywhere.

She hid for years to protect her daughter, but her past finally caught up with her.  Can her make believe husband  save her?

"The Manteo Connection"

Victoria (Tori) Kim was good at her job. That was the problem. Years of work, and she had nothing to show for it but a little money, a lot of bruises, and all the work she could handle.

Mark Harrison didn't need to work. After he invented a rescue harness, royalties alone made him a millionaire. But he loved the coast guard. Now the last of his old crew is getting married, and Mark feels alone on a boat full of men for the first time in his life.

As a Private Investigator, Victoria was hired to help an elderly woman find the man who bilked her while she was vacationing. When Tori exposes a huge organization run by northern mobs, she finds herself on the run and injured. Only Mark can keep her safe, but the cost may be her heart.