Steve’s Infinity

I buy and sell odd stuff...

As a collector of unique knowledge and history.  I've been visiting auctions,  storage sales,  yard sales and  oddities shops for decades.  I collect items for their unique meanings rather than a collectibility value.

I am a writer and educator, and have a use for many of the  “useless” items stored in old houses and storage lockers.

If you have a cleanout job with photos or family papers, please call me and I will come and look.

Old letters, papers & photos

I use things like old letters, photos, and  papers to inspire stories and characters in my books and writing.

Heritage Crafts

Older farm type crafts  are a large part of my life.  I am the historian of “The Village Of Yesteryear” a  heritage crafts group  that is seen during the NC State fair.  I can  purchase, evaluate, or direct you to someone in that specific art for repairs.

Tatting (Lace)

My wife is one of the best known tatters in this area.  Tatting is one type of lace that makes doilies, pillow and blanket edgings tablecloths and more.  I will buy any tatting at a reasonable price (market value) and help you evaluate other types of lace and find sales outlets for them

Rocks and Minerals

I am a rock cutter and jewelry maker by hobby.  I buy rocks and minerals  and tools for cutting them.

Other items I buy and sell:

-Romance paperbacks, 

-Religious and “witchy’ stuff, 

-Old tools,  

-Wildlife books and photos

-Vinyl records

-Workbasket Magazines

-Tatting shuttles & Crochet hooks

- Wildlife Education Items

-Old Education Items

-Comic Books 

-Macintosh Computer items

- Arrowheads and historical items

  and more

The Elements of Steve Stone...

As a teacher and practitioner of Ancient Wisdom & Reflected Reality, here are some of the elements of Steve’s life that make him the unique teacher and craftsman he is:


Rock Collecting, 

Rock Shaping and Gardening

Education Shows - Steve does geology talks where small groups of kids see and touch  rocks or all types and see what makes a rock beautiful  from the inside when outside it is often only a rock.  Kids will leave with a small stone for their collection.

Stone Shaping and Jewelry Making - Steve cuts shapes and polishes rocks gems and minerals to create jewelry and personal items. Steve’s work is good enough that he was welcomed into “the Village Of Yesteryear,”  A statewide  heritage crafts organization that only accepts 1-3 artists a year after reviewing all applicants and judging their quality of work.

AIR - 

Wildlife: Bird and Nature Spirit Education 

Raptor Education -Steve is one of 7 people in NC with federal raptor wildlife education and rescue permits.  He is one of the few with live raptors available.

Ancient Religions - Steve has a degree in religion and is a Jewish Kabballic priest.  He teaches information classes in Kabballah, Wicca, Celtic Paganism, Asatru, and Native American Spirituality. 


Blacksmithing, Heritage Crafts and Homesteading 

Steve does over a hundred hours of crafts and homesteading demonstrations each year.  Demonstrations include: 


-Leather work 

-Stained Glass work 

-Green Sand Casting 

-Wood Carving 

-Trash to Treasures - making something from nothing 

-Reuse of Pallet Wood 


-Solar Power and Free Energy 



Writing and Virtual Creation

-3D Computer Graphics 

-Computer Generated Videos

-Comic Book Publishing 

-Paperback Publishing





- Award Winning Displays

- Over 200  Presentations Yearly 

- Adult & Youth Programs 


- Private Schools

- Public Schools 

* Y-guides & YMCA

* Boy Scouts of America

* Coastal Pine Girl Scouts

- Community Colleges 

- Science and Art Fairs

- Renaissance Fairs

- Special Events 

- NC State Fair

- Local Television