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The World Of The Moonight Coven

The World of The Moonlight Coven is a world of and adventure and power different from the world we all know. The Moonlight Coven is the one of the most powerful covens in the world. After centuries of hiding, the coven reveals itself to save thousands of people from certain death. Revealing their existence causes fear and panic among the human populations of the world. Politics aside, everyday life will never be the same in a world where magick is a part of everyday life.

All worlds have rules. Just like life in the world we know, there are rules and laws that the residents of the World of the Moonlight Coven must follow. Just like our own world, there are things that are possible and other things that are not. This page is designed to explain to you some of the rules and possibilities of the World Of The Moonlight Coven 

Laws and Society in The World Of The Moonlight Coven

The Council Of Covens rules over all the covens, or societies of witches in the world. The Council is a group of the oldest and most powerful witches. Many council members are old enough to predate the written history. The Council of Covens is led by a high priestess. In Ancient times, Circe led the witches. Circe felt that witches should treat humans like slaves. Using humans in ancient times led to the first witch war. Humans who found out the secret of resisting witches' power hunted witches nearly to extinction. Selene challenged Circe's power and won the title of High Priestess of the coucil of Covens. Under Selene's rule, witches went into hiding and avoided humanity. For thousands of years, no witch was allowed to display their powers in public. Selene herself broke the law when she ordered her coven to expose themselves to save thousands of lives. The Moonlight Coven books begin just after the existence of Witches has become common knowledge in the world.

In many cases the police are no match for a mad witch. Before witches were revealed, Selene dealt with those that risked exposure in harsh and brutal ways. No one dared use magick in public. Now that witches existence is common knowledge, magick is allowed in public. Unfortunately, as the rules were relaxed, more and more incidents and mistakes happen. Selene met with the United Nations and created a force of witches to help the police. Now, whenever the police encounter a supernatural situation, they call on the Paranormal Police.

Humankind needs to be able to protect itself from the threat of other races. The Magickal Bounty Hunters are a group organized to be a human force able to resist magick and handle situations without the use of the Paranormal Police.

Powers And Limitations in The World of The Moonlight Coven

Aside from the laws set forth by the Police and The Council Of Covens, there are limitations to the abilities that witches have. Below is a partial list of some of the problems and everyday limitations Witches in The World of The Moolight Coven must deal with each and every night.

Bracers Of Command

The mystical silver Bracelets of Command are a power unto themselves. Whenever a Priestess comes to power, the bracers automatically appear on her wrists. The bracers have many abilities, but for thousands of years, no one has been able to make them work. Even without their power, the fact that they appear on a priestesses wrists are enough to show that she is the new head of the council Of Covens.

From the first book: "A humming noise at the woman on the ground catches my attention. The ornate silver wristbands on her wrists glow with a bright silver-white light. The light seems to pulse brighter and the bands suddenly vanish from her wrists. I feel a tingling sensation wand watch as they appear on my wrists. A sudden dizziness makes me stumble, but I catch myself and stand up straight again. "Whoa, headrush!" I say, putting my hands up to my forehead. Without realizing it I touch the bracelets together. Boy is that a mistake. 
A wave of silver energy bursts out from the bracelets and bowls down everyone around me. Debris from the alley flies outwards like it's caught in a tornado. Bushes lean over and I hear some glass break. I pull my arms apart and the wave of energy vanishes."


Magickal curses are different from any other type of magick. If any witch is found cursing anyone, according to Selene's law they will be stripped of their powers and made human by the combined might of the council of covens. Human law is more severe. Any witch found cursing a human will face the death penalty.


Etherlight is a spell that makes an all magickal and etherial beings visible. It is a spell often used by the paranormal police to see what is truly going on in a paranormal situation.


Humans have the ability to resist a witch's magick. The problem is, most people don't believe it. They see a witch do amazing things and can't believe they are immune to witches magick. Because they don't believe it, they are not immune.

Lightning Bolt

One of the most often used spells in witchcraft is a lightning bolt. Lightning bolts are examples of how a witch uses the universe around them instead of their own power. A witch can call down a lightning bolt and do major damage without using all of their energy.

Sword Of Power

When a witch has to do ritual combat, they form their magickal energy into a Sword of Power The sword is directly connected to them, and can not be taken away. When the two swords hit, the combattants feel their power hit each other with painful results.

From the first book: "I watch him, not sure what to do. He raises his hands and with a crackle of air, his flaming red sword appears.

"Wake up you moron!" Eris yells. "He's going to kill you!"

He swings his sword at me. My sword appears in the way. The impact of the two swords is like an electrical shock. It travels up my body and locks my muscles. His sword glances off of mine. That was no fun at all! "


Moving from place to place by witchcraft is often done by teleportation. Teleportation is a fast way to move, but it has its drawback. It severely weakens witches, and makes humans lose control of thier bodily functions. All in all, it is a very uncomfortable way to travel.


Warlocks are magickal creatures that trade with demons and other evil beings for power. To get power they trade lives or do a service to the powerful beings.

From the first book: "Oh, no, he's not human," Selene said, "But then, neither is Lon. Give him a chance. My son is a powerful witch."

"Witch? Not warlock?" I ask.

"Ah, you watch old television," Selene smiles. "No, the proper term for what we are is witch. Warlocks must take lives and trade to a demons or a magickal being to gain power. Witches focus the power of the universe through knowledge and strength. Warlocks borrow power and use it to corrupt the universe to their will."


Witches are magickal beings who are tapped into the primal forces of the universe.

Witches in this world are not human followers of Wicca, nor are they human at all. The race of witches are survivors from ancient Atlantis, a small island that was actually a doorway to another place. The original Atlanteans misunderstood their power and caused a great disaster, damaging many worlds. The witches of today are all descendants or survivors of the race who took refuge from the disaster in our ancient lands.

Unlike Humans, whose magick only works on themselves, witches have the ability to magickally influence the world around us in visible and obvious ways.