Southern Cinderellas

Cabin in the Woods Cover

The Southern Cinderella series is about couples finding what they thought they had lost long ago. It is a series about healing the mind, body and soul. In each of the books, one of the main characters is out of place and hurting. The other main character is home, but every bit as hurt. Together the couple find healing and learn to trust and care, with a little help.

The Southern Cinderella Series is the story of the Proctor family of North Carolina and their adventurous romances with   relocated northerners. All the towns and some of the locations listed do exist, but the characters and details are given wide artistic license.

Stories in the Southern Cinderellas book series:

* Book 1- Cabin in the Woods

* Book 2 - Coming Home

* Book 3 - Heart of the South

* Book 4 - The Southern Cross

Cabin In The Woods

Sukidi Byrnes is happier writing her books than living a real life. Real life has given her nothing but pain and fear. With a stalker ex-boyfriend terrorizing her and serious money problems, she hopes something will change with her trip south to a romance convention.

Joe Proctor, retired military policeman and survival instructor for the Army hides from the world in his cabin in the woods. As far as he's concerned, leave him and the wild animals he rescues alone, and the world is just fine. 

When a freak ice storm and traffic accident forces Suki off the main roads, she crashes into Joe's world. Joe, the disillusioned hermit meets Suki, the scrappy cynical romantic. Annoyance quickly turns to respect as they are forced to share the meager accommodations of "A Cabin In The Woods."

Life improves for them both as they learn what it means to share their lives and help each other. Everything goes well, until the stalker finds them...

"Coming Home"

Daniella Proctor has seen too much of life. After High School she went into the army, and spent the next four years in field hospitals. Now she is a trauma nurse, still spending her days seeing man's cruelty to man.

Chris Foster was kidnapped. After a life of abuse and misuse, he found out his entire past was a lie. Now he wants to find his past and learn who he really is.

When Chris finally finds his home, it has already been sold to a young Nurse. Dani and Chris fight the chemistry, but reality crashes down on them when Chris kidnappers accuse him of murder.

"Heart Of The South"

Linda McCullers loved the fast life and bright lights of New York. Her life was full with work and... other stuff. There was nothing wrong with her. Until the doctor told her there was.

Mac Proctor spends his life living out of a suicase. As an estate buyer and auctioneer, Mac searches the country for just the right items for his sales. So why does he find the travel less exciting, and the bargains hollow?

When Linda and Mac both realize what their lives have become, they each decide to take a risk, even though they both already know they will lose everything.

"The Southern Cross"

Diana Vance was tired of being the 5th wheel.   Suki had Joe, Dani had Chris, and every time she got together with either of them they happened to have a friend for her to meet.   She needed a break,  and fortunately she had an escape.  Doctors Without Borders needed a nurse practitioner for a 6 month assignment in South America. She was going to see the Amazon...

James Proctor spends his life living out of a suicase. He works for a high tech private security company.  Like his older brother Joe, his military training created his career. 

When a mixed up priest  accidently switcher the bride and groom and maid of honor and best man at the wedding rehearsal, Diana unknowingly marries James. When her clinic is taken hostage by rebels, James has to go south to find his accidental wife.  But who rescues whom?