(Air) Wildlife:  Bird and Nature Spirit Education - Raptors

Steve runs The American Wildlife Refuge.  He does over 100 educational presentations each year, showing to thousands of people.  He teaches wildlife rescue at Wake Technical Community College, WIldlife raptors classes at NC Wildlife, and  teaches park rangers how to deal with wildlife.   To date Steve has presented the raptor show to well over a million people.

Types of shows include:

Science of Birds of prey - A show about facts and information designed to eliminate the myths and errors people think they know because of popular beliefs.  This show can be 1 hour, or 6 hours, depending on need.   The version taught to park rangers is 6 hours long.

*Rescue Stories - A show with stories of comical and interesting rescues.  SHowing how birds and people coexist and  how people react when confronted with nature.

*Storytelling- A show with a madeup story.  This story is a fictional adventure that  brings out birds of prey to show some of the character is in the story.  Adventures currently available are:

          - "Lost with Eagles"  - The story of a young Keeauwee brave lost in the woods.  This story has him interacting with birds and learning about nature.

          - "Beanca's Big Adventure" -  The story of a young eagle taken from the wild and transported to a foreign country where she escapes and sees the strange  birds in the odd new land.


Steve has a degree in ancient religions.  He has studied the origins and the meaning of many of the traditions we all take for granted as having meaning but never realize what it comes from.  Steve is a Jewish Kabballic preist with both legal and religious authority as clergy.

Current classes in ancient knowledge include:

"Spirit of the Eagle" and "Visions of the Owls"

This is an introduction into the animal spirit and nature meditation learning series of classes by Steve Stone.  Steve is one of less than a dozen people in the state who is licensed for by the state and federal government to teach raptor wildlife education, and has live birds of prey.  In the class you will meet Steve's birds.  You will hear stories which use real live raptor behavior to show the meaning of the spirit of the eagle or the visions of the owls.  After the stories and more information, you will meditate within the eagle or owl's energy zone, and feel the incredible presence and power of these majestic birds.  You will also be given a gift to help you reconnect with the animal spirit in your own future works.

"Kabballic Meditation"

Do you have trouble "emptying your mind" to meditate?  If so, Kabballic Meditation is for you.  Rather than emptying your mind, cutting off your senses, and visualizing things that are nothing like reality, Kabballic Meditation works with your mind and body's desire to feed you input.  

In this class you will learn about ways to make or senses help your visualization.  How to use daavining to help your muscles relax, to use toning to focus your sense of hearing, to use tfillin to focus your touch, and to fill your mind with a visualization that your senses and your mind can embrace naturally.

Other classes are available, including classes on origins of traditions and words, understanding the original meanings of text and languages of the past.