(Fire) Blacksmithing and Heritage Crafts

Steve's Forge

Steve teaches classes and short seminars on Blacksmithing, Leatherwork, wood carving, stained glass work, and more. 

 Steve is an associate member of The Village of Yesteryear, which is a group of highly skilled craftspeople from around the state.  They show, sell and teach various crafts and 'lost arts" each year at the NC state Fair.  You will often find Steve at The Village helping craftspeople by manning their booths and teaching while they are taking a break.

 Steve brings a portable forge and an anvil to schools and events and shows how metal heated acts differently and how it can be made into things.  The audience gets to pound on metal and see how hard is to make things change shape. 

Steve has a portable forge (pictured above) and tools to do many crafts.

Other crafts:

Steve does over a hundred hours of crafts and homesteading demonstrations each year.  Demonstrations include:  

-Leather work -  Steve demonstrates leather tooling and art transfer onto leather.

-Stained Glass work - Steve shows how to make stained glass pieces come together and form a design. 

-Green Sand Casting - Steve demonstrates how to create molds and form liquid metal into specific shapes using green sand and pewter.

-Wood Carving - Steve carves designs into different woods and  shows the basics of how to work with the wood to create something beautiful..

-Trash to Treasures - making something from nothing - Steve makes things from items normally throws away.  Includes things like: eggshells to make antacid tablets, used takeout containers to create a solar oven, empty water bottles to create mosquito traps, and more.

-Reuse of Pallet Wood - Steve teaches how to disassemble pallets and use the wood, which is usually white oak, to create decorative and functional items..

-Gardening - Steve demonstrates organic gardening concepts, including the use of soil amendments, recyclable container gardening, vertical gardening, terrarium gardening, and more..

-Solar Power and Free Energy - Steve shows how to create solar ovens, space heaters, water heaters and more using basic hardware and household items.  He also shows haw to use photovoltaic panels (solar panels) to create backup electricity for your home .