Shadow Of Dawn

Shadow of Dawn Cover

Shadow Of Dawn

Now that Dawn is once more loose in the world, things steady, but was something else released with her, or is Dawn herself the one attacking all those she holds dear? 

Detective Jacob Webster never expected to get caught up in the secret world of the vampires. Even worse, he never thought he would have to keep his life a secret from the love of his life. Now, suddenly, his body starts to change, and his secrets threaten to destroy his entire life.

Social worker Katie Webster thought she had the perfect man. Unlike all the husbands of the women at the shelter, Jacob would never cheat and lie to her. Now Jacob is getting into fights, and keeping secrets. When he finally shares his secrets with her, she has to wonder whether he is insane or her world is all a shadow of the truth. 

And now a preview of "Shadow Of Dawn"

Jacob drove to the shelter and parked in the small parking lot near the building. Katie's car was there. Actually the entire day shift's cars were there. It was eight o'clock at night, at least half the cars should be gone. He went to the front door. You didn't have to be a detective to see that the front door had been broken. The frame around the door had been shattered, but the door was tightly closed. He pushed on it, and it swung in easily, but noisily. He stopped after a second, worried that the nose might alert someone to his presence. He pulled out his cell pone and hit the speed dial. He reported to the dispatcher what he found and suggested silent approach. He slowly pushed the door open more. He could look around it now. There were several file cabinets and desks piled against the door, but it seemed to move pretty easily. By moving it slower, it was relatively quiet.

Once he had an opening large enough to enter, he did. He pulled his gun, and slowly, carefully approached the inner door. It too was broken, and it too had a large pile of furniture behind it. There were couches and a kitchen table wedged behind this door. It opened just as easily as the other door had. He made his way into the shelter and listened for voices. There were some down one hall. He heard Katie.

"Jimmy, be reasonable," she was saying, "Your wife left you because she's afraid of you, this is not the way to get her back, it will only make her more afraid."

"She'll come back," a male voice said, "Won't you baby? You'll come back to me and we'll be happy just like before."

"No, Jimmy," Katie said, "If she goes with you, she'll be dead, we all know it. How many times have you put her in the hospital? Last time she almost died. I know you don't want to hurt her, but you will."

"Shut up!" the male voice yelled. "Just shut up and let her think."

"I can't Jimmy," a timid voice whispered, "I don't want to die."

"It's your fault!" Jimmy yelled, "All of you people! You poisoned her against me! I should kill you all!" he was hysterical. He was going to hurt someone.

Jacob shoved the half open door with all his might to rush into the room. The door flew off its hinges and sailed across the room. Jimmy dodged the flying door, but it knocked the rifle out of his hands. His crazed eyes fixed on Jacob.

Jimmy was a large man that was obviously a weightlifter and bodybuilder. He had held a large rifle in the crook of his arm, but that was now on the floor. Before Jacob had a chance to move, Jimmy rushed him. He was incredibly fast for such a large man. His huge fist flashed into Jacob's face, and there was a crunching noise. Jimmy screamed in pain. Jacob barely felt the blow. Apparently Jimmy was all show and no go. Again, faster than Jacob could react, Jimmy whipped around and kicked him. The foot glanced harmlessly off Jacob's chest.

Jacob reached for Jimmy and grabbed a handful of air. Jimmy dove for his rifle. Jimmy landed on his stomach, but he grabbed the gun and twisted. Jacob hesitated and yelled for Jimmy to drop it. Both men shot simultaneously. A second later, Jimmy twitched on the ground, and dropped the gun at his side. A pool of blood behind his back grew slowly.

"Jacob!" Katie yelled. She ran to him. "Are you hurt?" she asked in a near panic.

"I'm fine," He said looking her over. "Did he hurt you?"

"Jacob," Katie whispered, "You're shot." There was a hole in his shirt in the middle of his chest. It had black scorch marks around it from the powder of the gunshot.

Jacob touched his chest and felt a lump. He pulled away a flattened slab of metal. There was a red mark on his chest, but there was no wound. Jacob looked at the flattened bullet in his hand and looked at Katie. She was staring at him with wide questioning eyes. Jacob shrugged his shoulders.