Pine Needle Crafts -Jenny Roper - 

Jennie Roper

1901 US- 70 E

Morganton, NC 28655



A native of Cleveland County, NC, Jennie moved to Morganton, NC in the early fifties. She grew up in a large family where all kinds of crafts were part of daily life and had been handed down for many generations. One craft which missed her parent’s generation was pine needle basketry. A renewal of the craft was just beginning when she first experienced it. She knew immediately it was the "one craft" she loved and proceeded to put all others aside.

Jennie is a crafts person in the Village of Yesteryear at the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh, NC where she has been a member since 1991. She makes pine needle crafts chiefly from long-leaf pine needles found primarily in the southeastern part of North Carolina. She offers a large variety of pine needle crafts interspersed with walnuts, beads, hems and hickory nuts among other natural things. All are woven with raffia which is a natural fiber from the palm tree in Madagascar, Africa.

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