Historical Headware - Schotsi Creech Ellington  

2408 Whispering Hill Drive

Graham, NC 27253

Telephone: 336-260-3288

Email; schotsi@gmail.com

Website: www.schotsi.com

I have been creating historical headwear for the past 6 years and have sold my collections in the Village of Yesteryear at the North Carolina State Fair for the past 3 years. My hats and bonnets have found homes in several States as well as Europe.

My collections of hats and bonnets are created "one hat at a time" and always offers the customer a personalization and uniqueness not found in the traditional department store. If you are interested in adding one of my hats or bonnets to your collection, you will find a certain satisfaction in knowing your new headwear is a unique piece of wearable art that will never be mass produced.

I offer private consultations catering to your specific needs. I will be happy to work with you, to make your hat and or bonnet one that you will wear, enjoy, and perhaps cherish as a family heirloom

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