Craftsmen by Booth Number (2016)

Craftsmen by booth number:

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Booth Assignments 2016

Fair time is just around the corner and it is going to be a wonderful year! We have added 2 new members to our family. If a new member is in your quadrant please be sure to look out for them. We have the guest booth again this year and it should be exciting in that area.

As in years past all of the extra booth space will be on the inside walls. I have tried to honor all of the special requests but be FLEXIBLE and remember that things can change up to the last minute. You will be allowed to begin set up on Tuesday and will have until 10 am on Thursday to claim your booth. Special note: if you are on the inside and have 4 to the wall instead of 3 both end spaces will have a 6 foot table in front and an 8 foot table in back. The two middle spaces can have the 8 foot table in front and the 6 foot table in the back. This creates the necessary walk through and will accommodate the longer than 8 foot fair tables. Outside spaces measure 112 inches and Inside measure 96 inches, a space and 1/3 on the inside would measure 129 inches.

Check in with Mike or me when you arrive.


Note:  Booth numbers are subject to change until October 13th

1. Pam Earp / Marie Johnson 

2. Guest

3. Mike Anderson 

4. Jeri Buek

5. Carry Croghan

6. Sharon Richmond 

7. Ken Humphries/New

8. Bill Seippel 

9. Peter Blum III


10. Curtis Cecil 

11. Kit Lennon

12. Cindy Bowman 

13. Chris Bowman

14. Neal Thomas

15. Senora Lynch

16. Not assigned 

17. Robert Hill 

18. Sharon Hill /New craft 

19. Mike Lowe


20/21. Bill and Janet Wallace 

22. Allen Woody 

23. Beth woody

24. Carol and Dennis Willis 

25. Simon Barth

26. June Wiggins 

27. Dave Johnson 

28. Dean Reed and Doreen George 

29. Cary Pace


30. Keith Hartman 

31. Gagik Gasparian

32. Gagik and Marlow

33. Marlow Gates

34. Anitra Stone 

35. Patricia Tierney 

36. John Peterson 

37. Scott McGee/New 

38. Lawrence and Alpha Kearson 

39. Jerry and Patsy Perry

Inside wall, all are 3 to a side this year (129 inches).

40. Janet and Scott Daugherty 


42. Jeffrey Jobe 

43. Carolyn Serrano 

44. Tim Smith/extra panel 


46. Linda Rolfe

47. Paul Rolfe

48. Sue Hensen/Lori Bauer


50. Theresa Brown 

51. Stephen Filarsky 

52. Bonne Pulver


54.. Larry and Beth Lytle 

55. Gay Lord

56. Erik Johnson 


58. Vic kirkman 

59. Nancy Larson 

60. Ruth Wright/Shelia Taylor/extra panel 


62. Mary Ann Silvey

63. Sally Weber

64. Dan Dye


66. Gloria and Tony Small 

67. Rebecca and Chuck Allen

68. Jane Campbell 


70. Leniavell Trivette

71. Robert and Juanita Hall

72. William and Pam Kennedy 

73. Anne Allison 

74. Lena Ennis 

75. Dave and Deborah Garner

76. Jack and Cean Coyle 

77. Michael and Bea Barth

78. Mike and Janet Calhoun 

79. Walter Creech 

Guest Booth 

October 13,14,15,16 Duane Raver 

October 17,18,19 Schotsi Ellington 

October 20,21 Max Woody 

October 22,23 Jason Lonon 

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