Liaison Landmarks

Welcome to Liaison Louisiana, A town in the St Bernard Parish.  Liaison is between Lake  Borgne and the Chandelour Sound.  Liaison is part of the Mississippi River Delta.

Liaison is built on a 16 mile by 10 mile bedrock slab connected to the mainland by only a single road.  The city is surrounded by swamps, bayou, and water. 

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Liaison  maintains a low profile small town atmosphere.   As a small town, we have limited places to visit.  With no hotels, visitors must either stay in nearby cities, or  at the Finn Parker House in our Parker’s Bayou.

Liaison City building codes specify that no structure may be over 4 stories in height.  To date, the only structures that exceed 3 stories are the City Police Station and the City Museum.


Finn Parker House - The Finn Parker House is a large house at the end of the dirt and gravel road into Parker’s Bayou.  The house is rumored to be haunted, and many who stay there do so hoping to see the mysterious 'Lady of the House'


The Cat’s Lair Nightclub - Newly built in Liaison, The Lair is a supper club with live entertainment.  Wednesdays is open mike night, but all other days are highlighted by the sultry singing of internationally renowned singer and club owner Ai Nakano.

Shogun Buffet - Our resident oriental restaurant.  The Shogun is owned and operated by Sota Saito, award winning sushi chef.  In addition to the traditional Japanese fare,  Saito provides other oriental delicacies and some versions of local cajun fare.

Taco Time Restaurant -  Our premiere Mexican restaurant is more than the chain restaurants you find on the mainland.  Our Taco Time is family owned and operated, and boasts a 30 item buffet.


Bayou Bijou Theatre - Those who love classic movies in an old style theatre will love our tribute to the past with our Bayou Bijou.  The Bayou plays classic movies from the heyday of hollywood.

LiLa City Museum - For such a small town, our town’s privately owned museum is surprisingly comprehensive.  Although the building itself is one of the tallest in the city, a full four (4) stories, it is not large by comparison to most museums.  The exhibits, however, have been compared favorably to much larger museums.

Bayou Holiness Church - Although Liaison is part of the St Bernard Parish, the Bayou Holiness Church is not a Christian church, but a unique congregation with a belief unlike any other in the world.  The church has a rich tradition of beliefs concerning gods of the swamp and the seas.


The Cat’s Lair Nightclub - Newly built in Liaison, The Lair is a supper club with live entertainment.  Wednesdays is open mike night, but all other days are highlighted by the sultry singing of internationally renowned singer and club owner Ai Nakano.

The Galaxy Club Nightclub - A spot of techno- industrial music in the quiet town of Liaison.  The Galaxy Club is a pulse pounding DJ dance club popular for dancing and building top relaxing.

The Rave - On the main waterfront pier, there is a cozy club with a mix of live entertainment and DJ music.  The small club is more gritty and ark than the other clubs in town.


City Properties:

Liaison Airfield - Although not a a large airfield, the Liaison Airport is able to handle small air traffic and houses a search and rescue helicopter used all throughout the nearby Mississippi River Delta.

Liaison City Cemetery - Although Cemeteries are generally not tourist attractions, the Liaison Cemetery has unique funerary art and one of the most lifelike gargoyles you have ever seen.  The cemetery is rumored to be haunted and has had several paranormal organizations investigate it.

Liaison Coast Park - The Liaison Coastal Park is one of the few natural but not swamp like areas around Liaison.  The park is mostly lawn and relaxing nature with a view of the sound.

Liaison Firehouse - This brick building houses a tribute  to the fire and EMS lost in 911.  Additionally, with 1 engine, 1 ladder truck, one high volume pumper, and 2 rescue units, the Liaison public safety is one of the best equipped in the area.  The memorial statue and hand carved tribute  are true hand made art.

Liaison Hospital - Our state of the art hospital is one of the best in the area.   With our rescue helicopter, Liaison is one of the fastest responding and best hospitals in the area

Liaison Police Station - The State of the art police station in Liaison houses the 8 person city police force and has offices for the state and parish police for when they operate in the city.  Additionally, there is a special tactics squad housed in the station.

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