November 2015

Welcome once again to Catseye Comics website!   Our 4th issue  “The Lady’s Swamp Stories was put out the end of last month at our local comic cores, and on the web 2 weeks later! Issue 4 includes a slightly different graphic format, with a more painted appearance, and short vignettes rather than a single long story.  The lady of the House brings us stories of happiness and sorrow as she waits for people to come to the end of their road. 

The Lady’s Swamp Stories is our 4th graphic novel, but our 5th book.  We also published Volume 1 of our Secret Origins series in August/ September.   The Secret Origins series is a text only  (pulp format) story collection.  The first issue concentrates on the Amazons, giving their long history in a very emotionally heavy story.  Secret Origins Volume 1also includes the origin of our Valkyrie storyline, and the secret origin of Zia Clue!

We have had some wonderful reviews from our readers at Mewsings Sf/F/ genre reviews page )  It is very satisfying to read how people enjoy our stories.

Our next issue, “Invasion!" is a story that we have been working on for over a year!  In our invasion issue, you will meet a race of efficient and brutal aliens who have targeted Earth as their next world to destroy!  The Catseye Family, all the heroes of Earth, and even some of the villains, will have to team up and fight these horribly powerful invaders. But can one small planet and a handful of heroes defeat an interstellar empire?  Join us Mid January and find out!

August 2015:

Welcome back to our website.   Our third issue, “Gizmonda and The Curse Of The Seven Devils”is in final production now and will be out in the last half of this month!  This issue is an independent story that also has some interesting reveals from past issues.  While the story itself is complete, and you need buy no other issues too enjoy it, there are bits of the past 2 issues that seemed insignificant that lead to the current story.  We hope you will enjoy this view into the life of the worlds smartest person, and see the many plot twists hidden in the last 2 issues that created the 7 devils and their evil plot.

We have added a “Charities” page to this website to give you all the ability to directly contribute to the various charities we support. Please visit the charity sites and give generously, for their causes are important and heroic!

remember, later this month: “Gizmonda and The Curse of the 7 Devils!”

June 2015:

Welcome back to our website.   Our second issue, "A Catseye Family Tale” was delayed by some production issues, but is now in printing and will be available on our web site this weekend (June 13-14th) and in stores and on Amazon next week.  The book will be available in the few local stores in NC and LA  later this week as well.  This book is amazing!  It has color graphics that jump off the page at you, and a story that is captivating through the entire 150 pages.  Yes, that’s right, 150 pages! This novel length story will keep you up all night reading, wanting to find out what happens.   As always, with the Catseye Comics books, the end of the story is in the same book as the beginning of the story.  There are no cliffhanger endings to force you to buy more titles you may not want.   

We have also added a section on the “about us” page about our comics graphics and artwork.

This month’s charitable heroes, which go along with the storyline are charities devoted to stopping human trafficking, slavery, and kidnapping.   As all our books do, we  make our stories family oriented, so the story does not give graphic details, but it is very heavy in emotion and in meaning.  Adults will see more than kids in the hidden meanings, and the kids will be entertained and taught to be careful around strangers.

Issue #2’s second story is a Pulp style short story beginning the pulp adventures of Catseye in Liaison Louisiana.  The story starts when Catseye had been in Liaison only a few weeks.   For those who love the pulp style , you should enjoy this vignette.

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From January 2015:

Welcome to the Catseye Comics Website.  Our premiere issue “ The White Tiger Saga" is available online now and premiered in paper graphic novel format at the Los Angeles Comiccon on January 11th. We will be direct sales mostly, only available in select comic stores.

Our World Bible will also be available for purchase in both paperback or ebook format in July.   The Catseye Comics World Bible is the guide we use, including history,  descriptions of  characters, and even our business philosophy.  We will have link on this website to help you find it and our other products.

We have added some preview videos to our website. Please enjoy them, and if you get a chance, we would love some feedback.

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Catseye Comics quarterly graphic and pulp novels will be available in more than one style.  Each novel will be available in three formats.  

  • Pulp / text style stories for those who wish to read about and visualize the story their own way rather than be locked into specific images.  
  • Classic sketch panel comics, with noir style artwork for those on a tight budget,
  • Full Color 3D images digitized into comic frames.  More expensive, but also more colorful.

Thanks for visiting!  See you at the next convention!

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