Donated & Consigned Books

We have some items that have been donated for sale or given to us at a greatly reduced cost on consignment. These items are for fund raising. Each item is new  or custom made.

Items available below:

Forest The Owl Children's Books By Linda Dunay

Romance and Urban Fantasy Books By Steve Stone

Hand Cut Rocks and Gems By Steve Stone

Forest The Owl Children's Books By Linda Dunay

Have you ever really wondered about owls? What they eat? What dangers they face? Or who helps them when they get sick or hurt? 

A special rehabbed barred owl named Forest would like to invite you to open the pages of this first book in her FOREST STORY SERIES to experience an unforgettable journey into her world as she and her friends try to survive in the famous Yard.

Learn true owl facts and valuable life lessons as you read about the struggles owls and wildlife face daily.

Romance and Action Adventure Books By Steve Stone

S.A. Stone and Anitra Morgan are the pen names for Steven Stone writing with story editing and changes by his wife Anitra Morgan Stone. Contemporary romances are written under the S. A. Stone  name, while darker urban fantasy romances are written under the Anitra Morgan name.  Steve started writing romances after seeing too many sad endings in wildlife rescue. The need for happy endings made him shift his focus from nonfiction to gritty fiction with an ultimate good at the end. Cabin in The Woods is the story of a rehabber and a romance writer.  

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