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Anita Stone is a retired science education teacher and a certified Master Gardener.  Her second career has found substance as a horticultural therapist at Magnolia Glen, Woodland Terrace, and Heartfields, teaching seniors how to garden from an indoor facility. 


While teaching horticulture at MontgomeryCollege, Anita became a garden columnist for The Pilot which serves three counties in the Sandhills area and has contributed to The News & Observer in North Carolina,  Fifty + Magazine, Carolina Woman, Countryside, Herb Companion, Backhome, Acres,  and House, Home and Garden.  She is currently assembling a project for Scholastic.


Anita has spoken at a variety of garden clubs and herb societies.  She has taught Girl Scout leaders how to teach their troops the importance of herbs/gardening along with methods.  She has initiated and implemented a program for teachers so they can return to the classroom with activities and tools to enhance their programs.  And she has taught Health Care professionals how to teach horticulture to seniors who reside in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. 


Anita has partnered an herb business  - ‘Growers ‘N’ Sync.’ Her book, “I Never Met a Flower I Didn’t Like” is currently available  and she is working on another garden book called, “The Gardener’s Cookbook – Sow It, Grow It – Heat It, Eat It.” 

An avid gardener with little time for retirement, Anita says,  “Gardening is like the seasons – always there, always a new challenge and so much to learn.”

 (copyright, Anita Stone and Virtual Reflections)